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Indexing of Mapping Science Journals


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Relacija http://fulir.irb.hr/1746/
Naslov Indexing of Mapping Science Journals
Autor Stojanovski, Jadranka
Frančula, Nedjeljko
Lapaine, Miljenko
Tema Geodesy
Information Systems and Information Science
Opis Bibliometric analyses based on citations are most often at the forefront where scientific publications are concerned. A fact often neglected is that the visibility and availability of scientific publications are basic prerequisites for future reading, citation and influence. Journal visibility can be significantly improved by providing open access
and availability through popular online databases. In this study, we investigated 112 mapping science journals to determine the visibility of scientific publications in a smaller interdisciplinary field. In addition to other data, we collected data on open access, indexing, subject areas within the Web of Science and Scopus bibliographic databases and the number of journals in these databases. The coverage of mapping science journals in 14 bibliographic
databases was analyzed. Only 11% of the titles from the journals analyzed were indexed in 10 or more databases. Google Scholar, Scopus, Bibliotheca Cartographica and GEOBASE include most mapping science journals, while only 19 are included in Web of Science. A comparison
indicates more thorough coverage of an individual journal in Web of Science than in Scopus. Only a few mapping science journals appear in the Directory of Open Access Journals, despite the large number of open access mapping science journals available. Adding subject categories within databases does not facilitate finding mapping science journals, which are
dispersed among numerous, mostly inadequate categories in the Web of Science and Scopus databases.
Izdavač Russian Geographical Society, Faculty of geography at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Institute of Geography at Russian Academy of Sciences
Datum 2015-03
Vrsta resursa Article
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Identifikator http://fulir.irb.hr/1746/1/indexing_of_mapping_science_journals.pdf
Stojanovski, Jadranka and Frančula, Nedjeljko and Lapaine, Miljenko (2015) Indexing of Mapping Science Journals Geography Environment Sustainability, 8 (1). pp. 27-52. ISSN 2071-9388