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Young women in post-Yugoslav societies: research, practice and policy

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Naslov Young women in post-Yugoslav societies: research, practice and policy
Tema HM Sociology
Opis These proceedings have a regional character and the term region denotes societies that were, up until recently in historical terms, bound by the borders of a common state. These different societies are connected by more than just neighbourly relations. Not only do they share the common inheritance, history, and destiny, they share the problems which the process of becoming independent did not manage to erase. Old difficulties were accompanied by new dilemmas regarding social, economic and political processes that these societies had to go through, processes that largely determine the social position of women. The proceedings also try to bring the contributions from the feminist perspective closer to the scientific and the interested audience, as this perspective has had a rich tradition in this region in the past several decades. Feminist ideas were the ones supporting the fight for peace, human rights, interethnic and interreligious tolerance. We tried to make our work a continuation of this tradition by networking scientists, activists and policy makers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia.The readers of this publication have 5 chapters before them which cover various anthropological, psychological, sociological, political, and legal foundations and perspectives of gender equality of young women. The proceedings discussed gender relations and the ways in which they are formed within the ideal-type sections: education, labour market, family, violence against women, and culture.
Izdavač Institute for Social Research
Suradnik Adamović, Mirjana
Galić, Branka
Gvozdanović, Anja
Maskalan, Ana
Potočnik, Dunja
Somun Krupalija, Lejla
Datum 2014
Vrsta resursa Book
Format (na primjer PDF) text
Identifikator http://idiprints.knjiznica.idi.hr/6/1/Young%20women%20in%20post-Yugoslav%20societies.pdf
Adamović, Mirjana and Galić, Branka and Gvozdanović, Anja and Maskalan, Ana and Potočnik, Dunja and Somun Krupalija, Lejla, eds. (2014) Young women in post-Yugoslav societies: research, practice and policy. Institute for Social Research, Zagreb. ISBN 978-953-6218-56-1
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