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Sustainability perspectives from the European semi-periphery

Institute for Social Research in Zagreb (ISRZ) Repository

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Polje Vrijednost
Naslov Sustainability perspectives from the European semi-periphery
Tema HB Economic Theory
HM Sociology
JA Political science (General)
Opis This edited volume brings together 12 original contributions and an editorial theoretical framing, from 14 authors of different disciplines and training. The main framework of its theoretical and empirical contributions is determined by the relationship between environmental, social and economic systems. In elucidating this relationship the theoretical and empirical insights (based on an analysis of empirical data on the attitudes and values of nationally representative samples) reflect the specific views from the ‘European semi-periphery’, both in theoretical explorations, positioning along global development and impact indices, and analyses of public opinion survey data. This is important in the context of the role of European centres of development paradigm viewed from the global perspective of common environmental limits, and its reflection in numerous societies on the semi-periphery. Theoretical contributions elucidate the understanding and significance of sustainability from global and regional perspectives, whilst empirical studies analyse attitudes among selected European populations (based primarily on 2010 ISSP Environment module survey data) and selected peripheral country case-study reports and recommendations for sustainability oriented policies.
Izdavač Institute for Social Research
Suradnik Domazet, Mladen
Marinović Jerolimov, Dinka
Datum 2014
Vrsta resursa Book
Format (na primjer PDF) text
Identifikator http://idiprints.knjiznica.idi.hr/7/1/Sustainability%20perspectives%20from%20the%20European%20semi-periphery.pdf
Domazet, Mladen and Marinović Jerolimov, Dinka, eds. (2014) Sustainability perspectives from the European semi-periphery. Edition Science and society (35). Institute for Social Research, Zagreb. ISBN 978-953-6218-58-5
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