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R&D Activities as a Growth Factor of Foreign-Owned SMEs in Croatia

Ekonomski instutut, Zagreb

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Naslov R&D Activities as a Growth Factor of Foreign-Owned SMEs in Croatia
Autor Aralica, Zoran
Račić, Domagoj
Redžepagić, Denis
Tema small and medium-sized enterprises
R&D activities
Opis The aim of this paper is to explore the role of R&D activity as a factor of innovation and growth in foreign-owned SMEs in Croatia. In this paper, we try to confirm the hypothesis that there is a significant statistical difference (measured by the chi-square test) between high-growth foreign-owned SMEs and low-growth foreign-owned SMEs with regard to R&D activities. R&D activities are measured by annual expenditures on R&D and by the existence of R&D collaboration with external partners. In addition, the role of the firm as a source of technological knowledge for R&D activities and innovation for its partners is measured. The growth performance (i.e. increase of total revenues and number of employees) of foreign-owned SMEs in Croatia cannot be explained by R&D activities. However, a statistical difference has been observed in the case of high-growth SMEs as knowledge sources for foreign competitors.
Datum 2009
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Croatian Economic Survey
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Issue 11
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Relacija Ekonomski institut, Zagreb. Odjel za inovacije, poslovnu ekonomiju i ekonomske sektore.
The Institute of Economics, Zagreb. The Department for Innovation, Business Economics and Business Sectors.
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