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B,B(s)-> K form factors: An update of light-cone sum rule results


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Naslov B,B(s)-> K form factors: An update of light-cone sum rule results
Autor Duplančić, Goran
Melić, Blaženka
Tema Physics
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Opis We present an improved QCD light-cone sum rule (LCSR) calculation of the B -> K and B(s) -> K form factors by including SU(3)-symmetry breaking corrections. We use recently updated K meson distribution amplitudes which incorporate the complete SU(3)-breaking structure. By applying the method of direct integration in the complex plane, which is presented in detail, the analytical extraction of the imaginary parts of LCSR hard-scattering amplitudes becomes unnecessary and therefore the complexity of the calculation is greatly reduced. The values obtained for the relevant B((s)) -> K form factors are as follows: f(BK)(+)(0) = 0.36(-0.04)(+0.05), f(BsK)(+)(0) = 0.30(-0.03)(+0.04) and f(BK)(T)(0) = 0.30 +/- 0.05. By comparing among the B -> pi form factors extracted recently by the same method, we find the following SU(3) violation among the B -> light form factors: f(BK)(+)(0)/f(B pi)(+)(0) = 1.38(-0.10)(+0.11), f(BsK)(+)(0)/f(B pi)(+)(0) = 1.15(-0.09)(+0.17), f(BK)(T)(0)/f(B pi)(T)(0) = 1.49(-0.06)(+0.18), and f(BsK)(T)(0)/f(B pi)(T)(0) = 1.17(-0.11)(+0.15).
Izdavač American Physical Society
Datum 2008
Vrsta resursa Article
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Identifikator http://fulir.irb.hr/525/1/PhysRevD%282008%2978.054015.pdf
Duplančić, Goran; Melić, Blaženka (2008) B,B(s)-> K form factors: An update of light-cone sum rule results. Physical Review D, 78 (5). 054015-1-054015-12. ISSN 1550-7998