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Minsk Recommendation for Open Access to Scientific Information


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Naslov Minsk Recommendation for Open Access to Scientific Information
Autor Neupane, Bhanu et al.
Tema Information and Communication Sciences
Opis The 187th session of the Executive Board approved UNESCO’s strategy for promotion of Open Access to scientific information and research, which was also adopted by the General Conference at its 36th session. In the framework of the overarching objective of "building inclusive knowledge societies through information and communication" (34 C/4), the strategy focuses on policy development, capacity building, standard setting, partnerships and collaborations, and on playing the role of a clearing-house on Open Access as a forum for international cooperation, exchange of dialogue and reflection. The Open Access activities of UNESCO has been divided into the following three core areas:
• Provision of upstream policy advice and building partnerships
• Strengthening capacities to adopt Open Access
• Serve as a clearing-house and informing the global OA debate
Izdavač National Library of Belarus
Datum 2012-09-07
Vrsta resursa Report
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Identifikator http://fulir.irb.hr/554/1/UNESCO-ove%20Preporuke%20o%20otvorenom%20pristupu%20znanstvenim%20informacijama%20i%20istrazivanjima%20%285%29.pdf
Neupane, Bhanu et al. (2012) Minsk Recommendation for Open Access to Scientific Information Other. National Library of Belarus, Minsk, Bjelorusija. (Unpublished)