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CP violation and the fourth generation


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Naslov CP violation and the fourth generation
Autor Eilam, Gad
Trampetić, Josip
Melić, Blaženka
Tema Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Opis Within the standard model with the 4th generation quarks b(') and t(') we have analyzed CP-violating flavor changing neutral current processes t -> cX, b(')-> sX, b(')-> bX, t(')-> cX, and t(')-> tX, with X=H,Z,gamma,g, by constructing and employing a global, unique fit for the 4th generation mass mixing matrix (CKM4) at 300 < m(t)(')< 700 GeV. All quantities appearing in the CKM4 were subject to our fitting procedure. We have found that our fit produces the following CP partial rate asymmetry dominance: a(CP)(b(')-> s(H,Z;gamma,g))similar or equal to(94,62;47,41)%, at m(t)(')similar or equal to 300,350 GeV, respectively. From the experimental point of view the best decay mode, out of the above four, is certainly b(')-> s gamma, due to the presence of the high energy single photon in the final state. We have also obtained relatively large asymmetry a(CP)(t -> cg)similar or equal to(8-18)% for t(') running in the loops. There are fair chances that the 4th generation quarks will be discovered at LHC and that some of their decay rates will be measured. If b(') and t(') exist at energies we assumed, with well executed tagging, large a(CP) could be found too.
Izdavač American Physical Society
Datum 2009-12
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Eilam, Gad; Trampetić, Josip; Melić, Blaženka (2009) CP violation and the fourth generation. Physical Review D, 80 (11). 116003-1-116003-11. ISSN 1550-7998