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Light-cone sum rules for B ->pi form factors revisited


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Naslov Light-cone sum rules for B ->pi form factors revisited
Autor Duplančić, Goran
Khodjamirian, A.
Mannel, Th.
Melić, Blaženka
Offen, N
Tema Physics
Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields
Opis We reconsider and update the QCD light-cone sum rules for B ->pi form factors. The gluon radiative corrections to the twist-2 and twist-3 terms in the correlation functions are calculated. The (MS) over bar b-quark mass is employed, instead of the one-loop pole mass used in the previous analyses. The light-cone sum rule for f(B pi)(+)(q(2)) is fitted to the measured q(2)-distribution in B ->pi l nu(l), fixing the input parameters with the largest uncertainty: the Gegenbauer moments of the pion distribution amplitude. For the B ->pi vector form factor at zero momentum transfer we predict f(B pi)(+)(0)=0.26(-0.030)(+0.04). Combining it with the value of the product vertical bar V(ub)f(B pi)(+)(0)vertical bar extracted from experiment, we obtain vertical bar V-ub vertical bar=(3.5 +/- 0.4 +/- 0.2 +/- 0.1)x10(-3). In addition, the scalar and penguin B ->pi form factors f(B pi)(0)(q(2)) and f(B pi)(T)(q(2)) are calculated.
Izdavač Springer Verlag (Germany)
Datum 2008-04
Vrsta resursa Article
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Identifikator http://fulir.irb.hr/535/1/Light-cone_sum_rules.pdf
Duplančić, Goran; Khodjamirian, A.; Mannel, Th.; Melić, Blaženka; Offen, N (2008) Light-cone sum rules for B ->pi form factors revisited. Journal of High Energy Physics (4). 014-1-014-34. ISSN 1029-8479